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This fellowship program has tremendous value for your organization. This program offers your organization an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to your board, while also helping to foster the next generation of board members, nonprofit leaders, and socially-minded business professionals. At the same time, it allows MBA students to learn about organizational governance and board service.

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Benefits to Your Organization

  • Bring a fresh perspective into your organization.
  • Foster the professional development of emerging leaders.
  • Receive high-quality assistance on projects requiring business skills in particular areas.
  • Engage volunteers in your organization’s work.
  • Cultivate potential future board members.
  • Form a relationship with Boston University.

Expectations of a Host Organization

Develop a clear and reasonable project for the Fellow to complete during the fellowship.

Establish a dedicated Board Mentor to help the Fellow navigate the organization.

Conduct a formal introduction to the organization/Board.

Invite Fellows to join committees, as appropriate.

Provide timely feedback to BU on Board leadership team about your experience.

Communicate with the BU on Board leadership team about any challenges or issues.

Application Process

Step 1

Express interest and request application link from BUOB leadership team.

Step 2

Complete and submit Google application form by mid-August.

Step 3

Reach out to leadership team with any questions and keep an eye out for next steps.

Selection Process

  1. 1

    Applications are evaluated on organization mission, community impact, and ability to benefit from a Fellow.

  2. 2

    Fellow applications are evaluated based on experience, skills/expertise, education, and areas of interest.

  3. 3

    Once applications have been received and reviewed, a matching process will take place end of August and early September.

Past Participating Organizations


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