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About Us

The Social Impact and Nonprofit Club (SINC) is a student-run organization that enhances the Social Impact Program curriculum, fosters community dialogue around social impact and social justice, and increases awareness of how students can use business fundamentals to create social value. Through panels, networking, social events, and other activities, the Club seeks to prepare students to be socially-minded leaders in both the public and private sectors.









Why become a member?

If you've ever wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself than you came to the right Questrom club. No other organization at Questrom does as much for the social impact and nonprofit sectors as SINC. As a member you will receive resources in career development, build your network of like-minded individuals, benefitting your self as well as your surrounding community in the Boston area and beyond.

Events & Activities

Look out on Questrom Common and Handshake for events put on by SINC. These are great opportunities to meet professionals in the field, as well as learn about the industries tackling questions of social impact today.

Exclusive Resources

Beyond having access to all of our SINC events, there are other benefits to becoming a member. Faculty in the Social Impact program and other areas are always willing to help with coursework and career development if you and when you need it!


One of the greatest resources we have as a club is our people. SINC is lead by MBA students who are extremely passionate about the social impact space. Our associated alumni are always willing to chat about their expertise, career opportunities and courses.

Our Team

Benjamin Hirsh
Donald Osborne-Moss
External Relations
Rebecca Pino
BU on Board Chair
Harmansha Kaur
BU on Board Chair
Rachel Goldberg
VP of Events
Maxim Renaerts
Christopher Lee
Jordan Wolman
VP of Marketing and Communications
Marcie Glad
VP of Finance
Alexandra Goldberg
VP of Alumni and Student Relations
Lauren Bodager
Link Day Co-Chair
Luisa Perez Diaz-Chavez
Link Day Co-Chair
Dana Besmanoff
External Relations
Urvi Kothari
BU on Board Chair
Nina Leifer
BU on Board Leadership
Lauren Erlingheuser
BU on Board Leadership
Momoko Hirose
Grad Council Representative
Elizabeth Tillotson
1st Year Rep / Events and External Relations Assistant
Lindsey Cohen
1st Year Rep / Marketing Assistant
Ryan Heffernan
1st Year Rep


Social Impact and Nonprofit Club

595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston MA 02215
United States