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The Consulting Club is dedicated to educating students about current trends and best practices in the consulting industry and about consulting as a career choice. We aim to ensure that Questrom Graduate Students can gain access to careers at consulting firms of their choice by helping to develop the necessary skill-sets needed to succeed in the consulting industry.

Winner of the 2022 Best Club Award

Our Team

Paul Tabinowski Profile

Paul Tabinowski

VP of Finance
Mayank Goel Profile

Mayank Goel

First-Year Representative
Avni Singhal Profile

Avni Singhal

First-Year Representative
Khushi Manish Jasrapuria Profile

Khushi Manish Jasrapuria

First-Year Representative
Saumya Kaul Profile

Saumya Kaul

First-Year Representative
Greg Stoller Profile

Greg Stoller

Faculty Advisor
Abidemi Joseph Profile

Abidemi Joseph

VP of Student Relations
Aaron Schuster Profile

Aaron Schuster

Christopher Sorbello Profile

Christopher Sorbello

VP Case Prep Learning and Development
Jonathan Yeh Profile

Jonathan Yeh

VP of PEMBA Relations
Akanksha Mishra Profile

Akanksha Mishra

VP of Events
Aishwaryya Roy Profile

Aishwaryya Roy

VP of Marketing and Communications
Emily Giff Profile

Emily Giff

Senior/Executive Vice President